History & Surroundings

Every other year, Port Carling hosts the Muskoka Lakes Association Antique Boat Show, drawing boating enthusiasts from all over the province. The Antique Boat Show started in 1971 to celebrate the rich boating history of the Muskoka Lakes area. The show features historic, locally built boats and serves to both educate and entertain. Boat building has historically been an important industry in the Muskoka area, back to the early 1900’s. Although the industry has slowed down, with tourism taking over as the area’s largest economic driver, boat building remains as a niche industry. Many tourists plan their Muskoka vacations around the Antique Boat Show. It has become an area tradition and an important Muskoka tourist attraction. The boat show features free admission, and everyone is welcome.

Sarah & Chris Wedding-346The area we now know as Port Carling has undergone a few name changes over the years. It was first called Obajewanung, named by the native Ojibways. Early European settlers changed the name to Indian Gardens when they arrived in the 1860’s. The name was changed to Port Carling in 1871, to honour John Carling, the Ontario Minister of Public Works, who promoted the lock system between the local lakes. With the completion of the lock system, the Port Carling area experienced a huge economic boom which helped fuel local tourism. Since then, tourists and cottagers alike have travelled here for their Ontario summer holidays. Today the area is a year-round Muskoka vacation destination, with attractive four season accommodations in Port Carling and many exciting tourist attractions.

The Muskoka Lakes Region is not only one of the top vacation destinations in Ontario, but according to National Geographic Traveler, it is one of the top ten vacation destinations for summer trips in the world. People come to holiday in Muskoka from all across Canada, the States, Europe and from every corner of the globe, to enjoy what  Muskoka has to offer. Its beautiful scenery and many large, clear lakes make it the ideal destination for a family resort getaway, especially in the summer when there’s fishing, swimming, beach volley ball and more to keep everyone entertained. 

The Muskoka District is not at all camera shy. Many movies and popular tv shows have been filmed in the area. In addition to the silver screen appearances, there have also been a lot of A-list movie stars who have retreats nestled in the Muskoka area. It can only be assumed that they fell in love with the area the same as everyone else. It is hard to resist the tranquility and privacy that you can find while on a Muskoka vacation.

The Muskoka district has long been known as one of Canada’s hotspots for both summer and winter holidays. Throughout the year, its stunning natural landscape and year-round local attractions brings in people from all over the world to enjoy an Ontario resort vacation. Whether it’s for the fun summer lakeside activities or for the amazing variety of winter sports that are available in Muskoka, tourists and vacationers always have plenty to do when visiting the area. For your next Ontario resort getaway, if you are looking for a fun-filled cottage country destination, Muskoka may be the place for you and Shamrock Lodge could be the perfect vacation spot.